Saturday, December 31, 2016

Congratulations your Engaged!...Now what???

You’ve dreamed about the day
he would propose.
You knew you would say yes!
You’re thrilled, the ring is beautiful, and it's time…
time to start planning!
For some brides-to-be, planning is an exciting next step.
For others, the thought can be a bit overwhelming.

So, to get you started off right, I've searched some of my fave sites and pulled together some of my favorite planning resources from around the web:
Getting started:
*common pitfalls to avoid:
*a guide to wedding lingo:

The details:
*wedding budget worksheet:
*most common overlooked costs:

Fashion & Decor:
*wedding colors:
*everything wedding dress:
*20 ?s to ask your florist:,,bxljqnnz,00.html

Ceremony Planning:
*?s to ask your photographer:
*transportation basics:
*ceremony seating:
*guide to writing wedding vows:

Reception Planning:
*playlist suggestions:
*music basics:
*wedding wine & liquor calculator:
*menu planning:
*reception decor:
*finding your cake style:

After you've visited the above sites,
and you have a general idea of what you're looking for...
don't let yourself get to the "STRESSED OUT"
place of this funny cartoon!!
Call me!
Trust me, you'll want to enjoy EVERY single minute of this time in your life!
Let's plan your perfect day together!


  1. I just found your blog and I love it!!

  2. ahhhh! you're so sweet! Thank you! xoxo- hope you're finding your newly-married A.mazing! ;)


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