Saturday, October 9, 2010

Decorating the "get-away" Car...

The old-fashioned notion of the newlyweds driving off together to the clanking of tin cans is just as romantic as ever.
Create your own just married sign {or have your bridesmaids surprise you!} with just a few short steps.

With scissors, cut rounded edges onto a large piece of white poster board to give it a cloud-like shape. With a thick marker, write JUST MARRIED on the card and decorate with hearts. Or if you're more particular, use stamps or stencils in a style you love. Attach the poster to the back of the car's bumper or hang from the trunk with ribbon. Adjust so it's right over the license plate and so that it hangs without touching the ground.

Cut four ribbons {matching the wedding colors} at least five feet long. Tie those with a large bow onto the bumper beside the sign, letting the ribbons lie as streamers on the road.

Peel off the labels of tin cans and carefully cut off the tops with a can opener. Take a hole-puncher and create a little hole in each of the cans. Tie a string onto the can, then onto the bumper.
Let the ribbons and tin cans drag along the road as you drive away for the first time as husband and wife!

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