Sunday, June 6, 2010

Capturing the "moment" fave photographers!

we're talkin' about another important person @ your wedding...the one person who will seal your memories forever... the one who catches the glimpses of love between newlyweds, awe-inspiring glances from the B&Gs grandpa & grandma... and of course, the whole party!

{and how much fun everyone is having celebrating your BIG day!}

Jo Alldredge.
Cute-as-a-Button Jo Brewer Alldredge

k..I've known cute Jo for years... I was her leader in church, and I helped her conceptualize her starburst bedroom motif {hee hee hee!}.

She's amazing. She's attentive. She's creative and willing to go the extra-mile for a great picture. It's not just an opportunity for her to do another "job"... it's an opportunity for her to stretch her legs and meet her "creative" needs. You won't be disappointed!

Awesome. Trevor. Dayley.

I'm pretty sure he was born to do exactly what he's doing. He's passionate about it, loves every second of it... and is genuinely excited to look at each and every pic.

He shot Julianna's wedding.
Don't judge him by my pix from that reception...those were done by my sad little point 'n shoot camera. {I couldn't wait to blog it, so I used my own pix!}

He did an amazing job of shooting that party!
Get a hold of Trevor @ and 602-635-6007.
I like the photographers that are modern... that shoot the unexpected. The ones who have an eye that your AVERAGE photographer only dreams of having...
hence the four photographers featured!
{another amazing picture by Trevor Dayley!}
Kacy Hughes.
Kacey shot the wedding/reception that I did for Sabrina Novotny @ the Arizona Historical Museum. She was generous, reasonable, sweet and also has an eye to envy! She sees things through her camera that most people don't notice. This pix is small but I love the look of it. You can visit her site for more info:

and 480 296 4824
...and Lauren Kircher Brimley.

Lauren makes me smile.
{Everything she does makes me smile.}

She is totally confident in who she is, loves life - and it comes out in her pictures. She tries hard to do something "different" in her shoots, and I love that! She loves, loves, loves her cameras, and would love to use one to shoot you! You can best get a hold of Lauren by emailing her @ or facebook her...

she's quick to reply!
Janette McKinnon.
She's a friend that I've known for a really, really long time. She marches to her own drum, to me - an "old soul" who lives life to the fullest, loves good pictures and to shoot happy people. She's imaginative, smart and one of my favorite people to be Janette McKinnon!

Get a hold of her @ You can also facebook her!

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  1. Michelle You rock ;) Thanks a bunch. I feel so loved. That is too funny you remember my starburst bedroom!


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