Tuesday, February 8, 2011

OOOlala! -Joanie & Tony Judd 2/5/11 part 1 (Wright House, Mesa, AZ)

love finds you in the least expected places. take this super cute couple: Joanie Judd & Tony Judd {no you didn't misread it!} That is her maiden name and his last name is the same! I did the shower...

and the wedding was even more fun! Joanie met Tony while doing some genealogy online... when it was determined they weren't related, dating ensued, love blossomed, and... two years later we're hanging out at the alter!

I am always amazed at the "lovestory" of the b&g.

{and grateful to be a part of it in a small way!}

So, the theme was FRENCH... I love this theme! I have soooo much black & white, but then add a little pink ...


This is the head table linen for the bridal party!

I've been dying to unveil it!

It is to die for! Nothing short of amazing...

{toot! toot! sorry, that's me tooting my own horn...sometimes you just have to!}

and gave a presence to the head table unmatched!

Isn't it stunning???

I have been working super hard at

bringing in some jaw-dropping linens...

here's the debut of the first one!

{more to come, I promise!}

It definitely made a very



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  1. You did it again! Love, love, love this! Your brain is truly amazing! Keep the amazing, original, first-time ever, ideas coming! You rocked it girl!


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