Tuesday, January 3, 2012

molly & jared, december 29, 2011

ahhh, I have so much to talk about w/this reception!
It's amazing to me how almost everytime I'm a part of someone's dream day, I leave inspired, hopeful and a witness to the miracle of love... 
Molly & Jared were married December 29th.

They wanted their reception in Molly's home...
which you can see is darling.  
Everything about this reception had tiny pieces of her and her family -- precious, underlying thoughts of Molly & Jared's story.  I love it when the couple use important things that have meant alot to them in the decor.

This sleigh is an antique that has been rebuilt and is perched every Christmas in the front yard.  It used to be an actual useful sleigh -- makes you wonder what stories it could tell, if it could talk.  How many couples in love sat on it's seat making their way through the snow... kinda cheesey -- but, why not?

Guests entered in the front door, where we emptied the rooms of the furniture.  
The formal dining area served as the guest sign-in area.  The dolls pictured are from their own collection, but also from her grandma who passed away -- Molly couldn't imagine having her perfect day without them!
We decorated with our mainstay pictures of the B&G...
but look closely.

What's the rose sitting there?
Molly is a big lover of Disney...
and Jared loves the lovestory aspect of it... he welded & painted this rose (replica of the rose from Beauty & the Beast) and vowed to give it to the woman of his dreams.  Molly came along -- couldn't have found a better "belle" for his rose.
When Jared proposed, he gave Molly this dollar bill ring.
Notice the "1" on the top where the diamond should be...
for the "one" of his dreams.
So cute!

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