Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Cake Toppers & fun favors...

OMGosh!! I found the funnest
Cake Toppers
online today.
I love to browse the web for inspiration and the most up-to-date ideas in wedding planning. I ran across this website for fun favors and toppers...
here's a few!

If any of my sons were getting married
{which they are NOT yet ;) -- I think they'd all want this one!}
Is it not darling?
They have one for all sports, including fishing!

This one is sooo cute! It's so "in" right now...

I love her little leg up... young love is awesome!
{and so is Old Love...hahaha! I've been married 21yrs! -love ya Thriller!}
the flower is part of her cake
...she's standing on their honeymoon luggage...
There were two similar to this one that I wanted to use - but I had to choose one b/c I didn't want this to run into two posts... so I chose this one! It makes me giggle! The other one has a bride dragging the groom to the wedding. For sure there are a few of us who have had to practically carry or drag our cute boys to the alter! You'll have to head to the website {below} to see the other one...

I haven't seen this one before either, and I love it, too!
High-five for a Happily Ever After!!
{wink! wink!}
The website is:
They have darling, inexpensive favors,
as well as super cute toppers...

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