Thursday, February 10, 2011

button, button...Whose got THE button?

ok, ok, ok!
There's a fun, new trend hitting weddings, and as I've been thinking about it, I thought:
1) k, these make a fun wedding favor...
2) everyone is so worried about making a statement w/their wedding...and wants everyone to remember their's... so here's the fun part -- why don't we start a new trend?!

I do alot of weddings for people I don't know, so for you - these are a fun favor to give your guests. BUT, I do alot of weddings in my local community, so for you... why don't we start a trend where we give out buttons/favors that people collect? Not necessarily a button w/your new monogram on it, but a button that would actually say something all about you and your cute groom in a cute small picture or saying ...

Here's what I would pick, if I were getting married again!
{yes! I thought I was original when I found it on the web... didn't know that my dawg, 'lil wayne had it in a song... tells you how many cds I have of 'lil wayne and where my radio dial sits, right?!}

and at the bottom I would put "Neil & Michelle Feb 22, 1990"...ahhh!

These buttons used to be so popular for presidential elections, etc. back in the day, and when you go to TGIFridays for dinner, the waiters wear them {hee hee hee!}! I think this is a fun favor {super inexpensive} that people would keep!

So, here's the skinny...

{and btw...I don't get anything for you using the vendors I spotlight, I just want my brides to get the best deals and have the cutest things and be trendy and on the cusp!}

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