Tuesday, June 8, 2010

LOVE the photobooth...another fave vendor!

AZ Celebrity DJ, and Stephanie Sandoval is
one of my FAVE, fave vendors!
{I love the old fashioned photobooths, and I have a great vendor for that, too. I actually think we're talking apples and oranges when you compare.}

Old fashioned photobooth = expensive, cute, nostalgic 3-frame pictures.
AZ Celebrity = new, trendy, pix for B&Gs scrapbook
{and then your guests get to write you a message} - as well as take home pix as a favor.

This is a pic of the booth...it's manned during your party.
You pick your props {tons to pick from!}, and enter.

Look at the screen that is in front of you. Take your pix...they print...and it gets put into a book right there for you to write the B&G a note next to.
It's a great idea!

Here's our pic from Nicki Hulen's wedding...so fun!

...and they're pricing doesn't break the bank {she's worked out some deals w/me to pass along to my brides...ty, Steph!!!} They have a DJ sister company that has the reputation of putting on some of the best parties ever...when booked together you get a good deal...get a hold of Stephanie @ http://www.azcelebritydj.com/ and http://www.letsposephotobooths.com/

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