Friday, February 25, 2011

Baby Boy Bliss...

Sometimes I feel like one of the most fortunate people in the world.
I get to the see the beginning of the love story -it always makes me happy!
I love a good
"love" story!!
In walks my friend, Sara... who has a friend, Elise.
Elise got the fairytale!
She found a handsome prince, got married for eternity and couldn't wait to start her darling family...except after trying and trying, it wasn't happening.
Seven years later a phone call is made that tells Elise she's going to be a mom! "Get ready to bring home your beautiful daughter!" EVERYONE was soo happy for her! Two weeks later, another phone call was made... oops! your cute baby girl? well, yes -- she's really a boy! Stop, regroup, repaint...and replan! I think we did ok...:)

The diaper cake... ;)

Her shower was thrown by loving friends and sisters who couldn't help enough! People were offering from all over town to help plan for this so anticipated addition to Elise & Josh's family! The menu was chicken croissant sandwiches, fresh fruit cups w/homemade yogurt and yum! yum! cupcakes. I didn't plan the menu... but I got to do the decorating!

I tried to decorate for a boy in her crib bedding theme and colors... with a little "cutesy" for the mom!

Three flavors of cupcakes... the girls in the kitchen worked all day cooking & frosting! They expected around 100 guests...

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