Friday, June 10, 2011

I love "The Bachelor/The Bachelorette"!... and a darling vintage wedding headband!

I've spent EVERY season glued to the TV watching every episode...
silently {and sometimes not!} hoping that love prevails!

My daughter & I suck the Thriller into watching it with us...
and sometimes even my 16yr old son {hee! hee! hee!}.
There seems to always have to be "that" guy or "that" girl in each one to keep us wanting more...
and this season {for the love!} it's Bentley.  

Ok, seriously?  
What's the matter with him?  
I have a hard time putting my finger on his motivations, his intentions  and why ANYONE would be, frankly, so MEAN.  My son adores him.  Says he's a champ.  K, so let's ignore that - he's 16 - hormones are raging - and his 'game' compared to Bentely's 'game' aren't even in the same arena!  Now mind you, I know what we're seeing is TV stuff...and nothing seems to appear as it is... but really?!

My 15yr old daughter just headed to UT and of course, there's someone who knows someone who knows someone that knows Bentley!  {she's determined to take a pic with him - makes me laugh!}  But, she hooked me up w/his ex-wife's etsy site -- holy cute girl!  She's my kinda girl: darling from head to toe!  So, let's feature her!  {and I will secretly pray that what we're seeing on TV of this guy who let this super cute girl getaway is far from the truth!}

Suzette makes these beautiful 
vintage bridal headbands...
Front view... 

I actually love this better...
and it can double as a sash if you're not brave enough to wear it in your hair! 

She's got a knack for mixing so many fun elements!  
You really need to visit her site! 

I will continue watching the Bachelorette... 
and feel blessed that if nothing good comes of Bentley on this show... 
we at least got a delightful treat from someone who knows him well :)

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