Sunday, August 7, 2011

Nick & McKenzie Farr... Aug 5, 2011 part 3

McKenzie's tables at a glance...
she wanted birdhouses...and we gave 'em to her!

Antique cakestand, birdhouse and photo
on a red polka dot linen w/a tulle skirt.

Raised ribbon flowers on aqua taffeta
w/a blingy candleabra + pic of the b&g!

These pictures do not do this last look justice. 
It's an aqua & white lace w/a fabric flower ribbon around the edging. 

gorgeous, antique-looking
BIG, beautiful peonies and fresh daisies filled the vases...
The centerpiece to the room ;)
This is the drink area...
love the pom poms & pennant flags
Red pin-tucked taffeta w/a red ruffled & polka dots skirted it...
so fun!

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