Thursday, October 6, 2011

Amanda & Justin Wallace... Sept, 2011 pt 3

The guest tables...
You've probably seen this aqua cloth before, but I still love it!
It's taffeta w/raised florals all over it!
Top if with a black candleabra and holy moley --
it's timeless!

I have so many gorgeous silk flowers that I try to get my brides to save a little on their budget and use what I have... this centerpiece adds some elegance ontop of a black damask, flocked teal tablecloth... wrapped in lace!
Did you notice the fun feathers?! 
Oooo lala!

The third look is a harlequin runner. 
 I love the patterns in this reception!  
You have to be careful with them so you don't create a circus... 
I think we did a fabulous job bringing in all the pattern 
and still staying within her color scheme and overall theme.

We got to use these aqua birdhouses again, 
pinned w/a zebra flower and a 'blinger' in the middle.  
We sat it on a blingy cakestand...
and added the old cameras for Justin.  
He's a photo buff!

The middle of the tables and the center of our 
lights & chinese lanterns served center stage for drinks.
I love to set up a reception this way because it keeps people moving.  
There's not as much of a 'traffic jam' by the food when you move the drinks somewhere else.

It's beautiful!
It doesn't hurt to hang several chandeliers 
at various lengths to add some drama, either!

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