Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Haley & DJ Odom... Feb., 24, 2012 part 2

I know there's lots of ways to put up a false ceiling...
Some like to cover the whole thing so it looks like you're totally in a different space when you enter the area.
I prefer to not try to 'hide' the fact that you're having a cultural hall reception, but rather decorate it and give enough pizazz that you know where you are and still appreciate it, but are transformed to somewhere else, too!  This is the false ceiling that I like!
The tables were pushed to the outside area of the floor, leaving the middle open for dancing, bouquet & garter tossing, first dances and such.  This party was at capacity... and EVERYONE was up and shakin' it all night long!
There wasn't a shortage of chandeliers!
The one hanging in the middle of the ceiling was massive and amazing.
I'm not seeing myself getting tired of the lit up love sign anytime soon... 
I decorated around it with fun props... you can't see the croquet set so much, but little touches of unexpected fun caught your eye all around the space.
This was Haley & DJ's backdrop.  
The cute girl wanted to do something that was all 'her' in her reception.
Alot of times you hire a designer and they listen to your ideas and thoughts and then decorate it as best they can... Haley wanted to be more hands-on than that.  She made this backdrop... it turned out cute and was long enough for a great family photo!

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