Saturday, July 5, 2014

Holly Would... Hollywood!

Who would be do that???
Holly would.

Who is has a flair for the dramatic?

...and it just happens that her dad owns an 
amazing tree business
which explains his fascination 
{and talent} 
for making uh!mazing things out of wood!

So, although I didn't get many pictures of this amazing 
pre-wedding AZ party... 
I hope I can walk you through it.

Holly King, an actress, met and fell in the love 
with the love of her life!
There beautiful, classic-traditional wedding took place 
the following week in LA 
after this more casual party introducing her man to her roots...

I loved all the 
play on her name...!
That frame is GIE-normous! 
It's a marquis sign lit around the edges...
we hung it on their giant treehouse.

This is the only bench I got a picture of, but her 
darling dad made a ton of these.  
The majority of the guest seating was 
these wooden benches... 
he even carved 
{hearts & wedding rings} 
into the sides of some.

The food tables were, of course, handmade tables... 
we served homemade hamburger sliders, fresh fries...
and this pie 'n ice cream station was a huge hit!

This was one of the fun, nostalgic parties!  
It had so much personal meaning behind it...
and I love that!

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