Friday, November 13, 2009

Bagley Reception

Ashley & Chase's outdoor wedding/reception was quaint and charming! Their guests arrived in full daylight, but the actual wedding was held at sunset...and then we lit it all up with chandeliers & candelight for their reception. It was a small wedding, but big on style...a mix of stunning elegance w/country chic...
I loved the contrast.
Her colors were a robin egg blue and brown...
the ribbon was delicious...
mix it with some tulle and it's irresistible!

It was a full buffet, sit-down dinner of soups and salads...
we designed these super cute soup boxes - unpredictable, surprising & perfect!

Their dessert table was yummy, too!
Homemade marshmallows in her colors made by the brides mom, cheesecake and fresh fruit. Trademark engagement pictures dotted the food, dessert and drink tables...I love that!

I love to do a food table with the same thing on both sides - that way you can have two lines, and no back up when your guests are getting something to nibble on.

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