Thursday, November 12, 2009

Cradic Reception

The entrance to a royal theme...

Her cake was lovely...sitting on a wreath of feathers, surrounded by gold crowns and amber colored bling...

Tara wanted a royal dessert table. It consisted of fresh fruit w/dips; yummy, delicious lemon bites, brownie bites, royal, gold-dusted wedding cupcakes; Carmel popcorn, and cute cello bags filled w/nuts to add some salt to all the sweet!

These centerpieces made me laugh...not conventional - but exactly what she asked for. They helped to carry out the theme -

"Royal colors, but add the feathers, please." - Tara

Tara & Zane's reception was amazing...she chose gemstone colors: sapphire, deep purple, gold, brown...and peacock feathers! I loved decorating this one! The backdrop behind the cake & gift/entry table turned out better than expected...we decorated w/lots of crowns, boas & feathers - the photos don't do it was ROYAL.

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