Saturday, March 13, 2010

Brockman Reception 3/12/10 - entry: Mesa, AZ

Mandy Gross & Jacob Brockman...married in the temple!


Their reception was in the Opie backyard...and it's a fabulous yard!

I did a reception the night before, so not to say that decorating this was a difficult task would be crazy...but, I think it turned out great!

This couple is darling...I love them both!

Don't they look like Cinderella and Prince charming? They're in front of the cutest arch ever!

Their entry table...

The colors were turquoise and brown...

and silver was the obvious choice for an accent,

but I think the gold did a better job of bringing in something unexpected.

It almost added a "vintage" feel...that I really loved.

A good look at their entry table.

I love to blow up pictures I did!

Their pictures were darling.

{I love it when B&Gs find a photographer that will take something

other than a "traditional" sitting...I think it brings in their personalities!}

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