Sunday, March 14, 2010

Baker Reception 3/11/10 - food tables

The food was exceptional...k, wait!
{I think "exceptional" is an understatement.}
I have had alot of good "knock-off" Cafe Rio sweet pork salads...
but this one was - I'd say - better than Cafe Rio's...not even lying!
I think the food was amazing.
And, even more fun was that in contrasted so much with the
elegance of all the chandeliers and the soft, pretty pink
w/the rich cream colors everywhere.
Hats off to the bride's BIL...yum!

So, the food was amazing...
I have to say that the linens were so awesome!
{and I didn't even get a good shot of them, I don't think.}
Billowing soft ruffles to the ground,
cream on cream w/lots of soft pink...
and the pix of the B&G were super cute!
At first, I felt a tinge of pain having to dress the food table
w/straight up chaffing dishes -- three per side = kinda equals boring.
But, adding in these crown planters for utensils
and bringing on the bling was a good "deterant"
from the chaffing dishes staring at you right in the face!
ahhh..the dessert table:
I found this planter over six months ago...and it finally made it to center stage!
Of course, it wasn't this pretty nor blingy!
The cake was perfect sitting atop...with delicious cupcakes circling it...
the Groom's mom {one of my fave friends - Chris!} did all the desserts!
They looked too good to eat.
She made dainty little sugar cookie sandwiches that I swooned over all night!
Here's a look from a distance under the arches of this amazing space.
My favorite piece of decorating this space was
hanging the frames in each archway with a chandelier in the middle of it...
it was pretty dramatic.
The lighting was awesome... {and you can kinda see the food table linens!}

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