Tuesday, March 15, 2011

"Prom" in the Hangar... March, 2011 -Mesa, AZ

So.... the funnest thing I've done in a loooong time!
Did you see the "hangar" part?

I got the call from some friends who decided to have an "adult" prom in their hangar and asked if I could do something "simple" to dress it up.
{this party had it all: corsages, prom king/queen & everything!}

I didn't have a very BIG budget, so I needed to make some big statements ...
rather than have ALOT of stuff everywhere.
I wanted it to be elegant, but still have the fun "prom" feel.

I hung 10 yard increments of
sheer silver fabric all over.
I hung lights ... and several chandeliers.

This is a look at the food area... since I didn't know the caterer, I left her a blank slate with plain black linens and decided hanging these large prints of chandeliers over each made a big enough statement. The cute dead tree wrapped in twinkle lights looked really great, too.

The salads and desserts were on those tables.
They also hired a Brazilian BBQ guy who grilled meat just outside the door...
the guests were well-fed, for sure! The linens were simple, too.
{yes! I said 'simple' --not usually a word that rolls off my tongue!}

I did black & white w/some stripe.
The centerpieces were black & white candelabras.
You can see how nice the silver fabric looked when the lights went down.

The "stars" of the show was, of course,
the plane & helicopter.

The plane is absolutely stunning, the colors are perfect!
I found myself kinda giggling at the idea that my biggest "wow" factor was an airplane.
{I guess I really never thought about how 'pretty' they are.}

Guests took their "prom" pictures next to the prop and wing.

Both the helicopter & airplane were beautiful in this party...
...and this hangar doesn't lack for anything anyway... ;)

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  1. that is clydes hanger!!!! ILOVE IT! i saw them afterwards! this is awesome i love it!!!!


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