Thursday, March 8, 2012

Shirece & Eliut... Feb., 2012 part 1

Shirece & Eliut!
Shirece had the most beautifully-fitted, styled dress I think I have ever seen on any of my brides.  The lace detail on this dress had me drooling.  The cut out in the back was breath-taking.  Every detail of her wedding ensemble was flawless... I couldn't keep my eyes off of her!  Partner that with the way that Eliut looked at her -- wholey moley, just gorgeous!

 When I do a wedding, I generally meet with the bride and her mom and we discuss concept, color, and all the details of the wedding down to the exit and who picks up the trash.  I get a feel for the 'flavor' that she's hoping for...then I start to play!

I put together an inspiration table for her so that she gets more than a feeling for table linens and centerpieces, but some of the accessories of the party, too, so that she can rest assured I found what was in her brain --- these are Sherice's inspiration tables.

Somehow I lost most of the pictures to this wedding, so I hope you can get the idea through what I found.
Sherice wanted purple, grey & mustard yellow w/hints of peacock feathers...

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