Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Dickerson Wedding... part 5

I'm pretty sure I can't nail down
a 'favorite' part of this wedding...
I loved it all!

But... I couldn't stop looking at the food table!

We served food that matched our theme...
roasted chicken w/a cranberry sauce and a plum sauce;
a bistro potato salad w/walnuts in a mustard sauce;
a mandarin orange & greens salad and
fresh fruit &veggies...
with delicious artisan breads!
{let's just say I may have sampled our fare!}
 Old garden gates, tin buckets, drawers & 
mason jars served as food containers...
Food tent signs were put in ornate, blingy frames...
 We used an old secretary desk to give 
our food some height and layers...
 And, of course, the B&G's pictures were used!

The food linens were a muslin with 
layers of satin ruffles... 
and that same gorgeous french type runner
down the middle as we used in the entry!

It was inviting... delicious...stunning!

 And, of course, the signature chandeliers...

Gosh, I didn't think this wedding would inspire me as
much as it did... I am sooo appreciative to this B&G
for loving me like family after such a short time...
and for letting me run with my creativity and 
stretch my legs!

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