Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Shirece & Eliut...Feb., 2012 part 2

Shirece's reception was in a gated community on a tennis court.
There was a beautiful, meandering stair path that led you from the parking area...
it was so fun to decorate!
Her receiving area was under this covered ramada.  
We added the chandelier and draped billowing fabric to make it look whispy and inviting.
The guests enjoyed a candy table featuring the B&G favorite candies, 
after wishing the B&G well wishes in the receiving line.  
The beautiful flowers and teddy bears were sentimentally important to Shirece.  
Eliut used those in the proposal ;)
 We actually had three table looks for this party.  
This one is the purple taffeta one.
I loved the tall candlestick and the green votive holders in contrast to the table linen.
This grey table was stunning!  
The grey topper with raised ribbon flowers 
was a nice place for the blingy, white candelabra to sit!  
Each table had pictures of the B&G...
The food table was fun!  
You can't see it very well, 
but it was Cafe Rio salad...yum!
The drink area was great in the middle of the party for everyone to
get a cool drink after "shakin' it" on the dance floor!
Her cake bar...
Lots and lots of the most delicious cakes from
some of her most dear friends and family.
They were all different and all beautiful!
Her cake took center stage!

Don't they look delicous?!
As important as every detail of the 'party' is...leaving the party with friends & family wishing the B&G well on their journey together is still at the top of the list... don't they look excited, hopeful and surrounded by the love of their family? 

{I love this picture!}
xoxo Shirece & Eliut!
Thanks for letting me be a part of your big day!

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