Thursday, March 1, 2012

Stevie & Tyler Wedding...Feb., 2012

Stevie & Tyler...
One of my favorite love stories to date!

Stevie met Tyler in junior high.  
He asked to her 'go out with him' she said 'I guess'.
They broke up.

Then in high school (in her words), she was the 'party girl' and he was the 'mormon boy' --and occasionally their paths would cross.  Tyler goes on a mission for the LDS church and comes home; Stevie is a special needs aide.  He finds her facebook just about the millisecond before she deletes it.  She agrees to 'hang out' with him... 
which then leads into full discussions about the gospel.  
He baptizes her... they fall in love!

But, the story doesn't stop there!
In the LDS church, you need to wait a year to the day of your baptism to get married in the temple... which was difficult for a couple of cute kids who just want to get married!  Stevie called me in October to plan their November wedding.  She called me again saying it's cancelled because they were shooting for the full year.  If you get married out of the temple, you have to wait a year from that date to get sealed.  They didn't want a separate date for civil wedding and sealing -- and Tyler couldn't bring himself to marry his true love any other way, but for time and all eternity.  
So, they waited --and it was hard!

A year to the date of her baptism date fell on a Sunday.  You can't get married in the temple on a Sunday -- so they had to shoot for the next weekend!  I was already booked, but I love her and her story so much, I felt like I had to make it work!  So, even though I had a BIG wedding on that Friday night,  we scheduled her for Saturday in an old LDS building on 1st Avenue in Mesa, AZ that is known for it's loads of character.  We planned and planned and felt like everything was falling into place until the week before the wedding!
That's when a bishop called and told her that someone dear to the community had passed away and funeral's trump weddings in our church, so we couldn't decorate it until the funeral was over and the funeral luncheon after the funeral was cleared out!  
OmyGOSH!  Almost impossible!  
What could we do?  

The wedding was scheduled at 6pm... the luncheon was at 1pm... the people cleared out from the funeral at 2:30!  Much prayer and lots of hands!  

The bishop called Stevie's singles ward friends and they came in droves!
We got the entire thing decorated in 2 hours!
Amazing! Amazing! Amazing!
Stevie had no idea the hands that put this 
super cute reception together...
she was busy having herself 
sealed to the love of her life 
for time and all eternity!
...the church is true!
{The single's ward rocks!}

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