Friday, March 5, 2010

Niki & Austin Johnson Reception...3/4/10

I need to publish Niki's color board -- it was amazing.
This cute girl sees colors in fashion, while I see them in decorating.
She wanted them to look good on the bridal party,
I needed them to work in the decor...working on this had me spinning a little at first
because her color scheme was pink, deep purple, robin egg blue and black & white.
She wanted a "tuscan feel" and chose the Wright House's Provencal room.
It sat in my brain for a few weeks before the inspiration came to me
- it was really a fabulous night.
The colors drew me in, and I found myself crazy in love
with them when it was all said and done.

I did the food, too... we did a broccoli 'n cheese soup, creamy baked potato, and tomato basil w/ taste buds were smiling!

We did three salads - an antipasta, a grilled chicken 'n cranberry w/gorgonzola and poppy seed dressing and a classic caesar salad...and fresh baked bread with dipping sauce and butter.

I love to decorate with pictures of the happy couple -
it makes the party a little more intimate.

The dessert table was fresh fruit,
wedding couple cakes and chocolate molten mini cakes...YUM!

The drinks were strawberry lemonade and water...
the party hung out near the food for quite awhile...that always makes me happy.
{especially if I did the food!}

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