Saturday, March 13, 2010

Brockman Reception 3/12/10 - food table

The billowy fabric on this food table made me so happy!
We enlarged, embellished and printed
a few of her pictures on canvas adding some drama!
Her food was:
meatball, chicken and kielbasa kabobs
mini corn muffins
fruit and three different types of cheesecake slices...
oh! a pallet's dream!

The middle table...she cut a small decadent chocolate cake seen in the center of the stand...

The other side of the food table...
the entire space was dotted with these signs
hanging from awesome old stands
directing people to the different stations...
I "tent card" everything...
it not only adds some flair to the table, but it's practical too!

...and the irresistable chandelier!
LOVE THEM...and it helps with lighting :)

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