Sunday, April 18, 2010

Julianna & Blake Farnsworth- 4/17/10 food table part 2

k...first of all, I loved the striped skirting so much from the Hulen reception, I had to use it again here! This time with a grand statement right in the middle of the party. I usually do a table with two lines - starting at each end, and then heading out in the middle. This reception, I wanted to do it with two lines on both sides and heading out at the middle. It was hard to do just because you don't want to see any of the ugly backs of picture frames, etc. I think we did a super great job! The urn dressed with a blingy buckle was so dang awesome! {it's the little details that matter most!}

The food menu was simple. At first it was going to be all desserts, but was talked into some "real" food, too. The emphasis was for sure on all the pretty desserts...and they took center stage on this food table display. But, the two salads, home-baked rolls & fresh fruit didn't lack any attention...everyone loved them, too! A perfect food choice, in color and deliciousness!!!

I love to have the kitchen help match the party...aprons are a must!
They did an awesome job!

A better look at the middle dessert table... it was simply gorgeous!

A full view of the side table:
it was matched on the other side so guests could easily get to the food,
and it helps to avoid long lines.

Julianna + Blake = Happily Ever After!
{thanks for letting me be a part of your happy day!}

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