Sunday, April 18, 2010

Julianna & Blake Farnsworth- 4/17/10 guest tables

You can't see the sparkle in the picture of this fabric...but it had some glitter to it that caught the light perfectly! The candelabra added uber elegance!

Julianna's second guest table was the dead-on Tiffany Blue choice. I really liked how this turned out from centerpiece to wide lace trim...ummm...yeah, it was wonderful!

A closer look at the centerpiece!

Her third table was this black & white damask...with a harlequin-patterned vase of flowers...

The food table, of course, matched the decorations. I wanted to show you a good look at her was so pretty! Flanked with some of the yummiest desserts {in matching colors, for sure!} to be had: two flavors of mini cupcakes, double-chocolate mint brownies, fresh baked sugar cookies in matching blue frosting...and the cake pops!

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