Thursday, June 10, 2010

Judd/Selover reception June 12, 2010...part 2

Heidi wanted black and white polka dots...
I told her I just might have some of that {wink, wink!}!!
She chose b&w, with the popular turquoise color.
This was her entry...
This was part of her food table...
napkins 'n plates were soooo cute!
Her menu was:
meatballs, veggie cups 'n ranch,
cheese 'n crackers and fresh fruit w/dip...
simple. but perfect.

I loved how her cake sat perfect on this urn... it was gorgeous!

Cupcakes in her colors hung out surrounding the cake
and gave it the Center Stage presence it deserved.

...a good look at her food table.

The stripes make me happy... :)

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