Wednesday, November 10, 2010

That's alot to love...bridal shower

Snippets of whimsey & fun everywhere...
ALOT of snippets of whimsey & fun everywhere...

A super good friend of mine asked me if I wouldn't mind putting together a shower/luncheon for a cute, young bride in her office.

Just a little "office shower" -- with yummy food!

I couldn't help but say, "yes"!

The menu:
Jones Cream Soda {delish! and darling!}
I changed out the pix on the bottle that they usually have on there and instead put some gorgeous pix of some couples I have randomly come across and saved in my "inspiration" file. The one on the bride's bottle is the one of the happy old couple you find at the beginning of my blog...I love it so much!
Smoked turkey, avocado, spinach greens and salami w/some melt-in-your-mouth rich havarti cheese sandwich'd in a focaccia bun - presented in a sandwich bag w/a darling toothpick.
Creamy caesar or homemade ranch on the side...
{{ummm, yay! no detail was overlooked!}}
"To-die-for" {oh, yes! I will take this recipe to my grave!} oh, so dreamy! creamy zucchini soup.
Gourmet kettle crinkle potato chips in a cute white bag.
Fresh fruit shooters in a mason jar.
I think
the presentation is
as important as the taste...
I wanted to stay for this fun party!

I love the colors. I love the menu.
I love {and feel blessed} to be able to share in this bride's beginning to her
Happily Ever After...

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