Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Funky Bridal Fun...

I want to feature this beautiful b&g!
I came across them on the "Whippy Cake" site
--and fell in love w/her fun brain!
Whippy Cake makes these lovely flowers
{usually for headbands & wardrobe accessories}
but this bride took it one step further and had them design a whole lot more for her special day!

...wow! his boutonniere...

Do you see the detail on her gorgeous dress?
I love the fun they had with this idea!
Even if you don't like the bright colors, these beautiful flowers would be amazing in creams, silvers and golds!

I've been known to make a flower here and there, but not at the level that the amazing girls at "Whippy Cake" do! I love their hair accessories! It's worth a look to help you stretch your imagination - for dress, veil, boutonniere, and even a bouquet! http://www.whippycake.com/


  1. Oh, my gosh! I loved this soooo much! You were soooo smart & soooo cute! I hope you're fine with me showing you off! LOVE you and your darling style! xoxo-

  2. im going to have to say i am flattered!!! it was very fun to work with becki on this one! i did have one great idea jkjk. feel free to show me off any time :)


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