Monday, November 22, 2010

A Bloom for the Groom....

I have talked and talked about the bride...
{{the gorgeous bride}}
I have given you ideas and tips and tidbits of information to help you with all the "basics" of planning a wedding. Now let's talk about the boutonniere!
I like things "out-of-the-box"...
here's a few ideas I've run across that might spur your imagination to try something fun! It can match any type of decor and be something "more" than just a little flower on a pick...
I love this one because I'm in love with the orange color, but also because I love that it's a fresh flower mixed with something "unexpected". Hence, the piece of rose colored felt folded like a ribbon, the white leaf, the sprig of toole dancing in the background--and the darling little blue bead holding it's own next to it all.

I like this one alot because although the theme might be more classical than I like to decorate, the "unexpected" is the casual piece of jute holding it all together. Takes the "stuffiness" away and adds some whimsy that I love!

I love, love these ideas!
The fabric patterns are sooo fun!
I love that each tie is a little different, but in the same color scheme, and then the "boutonnieres" are the same but in a different pattern and color!
This makes me smile!
This picture is awesome!
I love the vintage look the photographer captured - a "retro" feel. I love how pretty she is -just timeless. The groom is dressed in retro-attire reminding me of photos from the 70s...and then there's his darling little flower... a bloom made out of felt... unexpected! Whimsy can work almost anywhere!

This groom's suit is
obviously well tailored.
I love the black & white striped tie!
I love even more that the beautiful, fresh pink hued flowers are wrapped in a patterned black and white fabric! Classic, pretty -- as masculine as you can make pink flowers look -- gorgeous!

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