Monday, December 20, 2010

Tailgate Party...

I had the privilege of decorating for a friend whose husband passed away just before Christmas. I was really, really nervous and wasn't sure where I should take this. I didn't have many of his things to use... As I talked to more and more people about him, the resounding consensus was that he was a 'fun' guy, down-to-earth...not stuffy/fluffy - and LOVED the Dallas Cowboys ...and motorcycles.

So, I decorated the party after the funeral Mass to resemble a tailgating party...You can see his motorcycle and riding jacket was brought in for the fun...

There was 15 tables to hold the 200+ guests...
all the tables were dressed
with Dallas Cowboy runners...and peanuts.
After a service of remembering a loss, it's nice to come
and lighten things up and talk about all the
great memories they all had of him.
The food area was under what else?
An easy-up {a staple for tailgating!}!!
The party was catered w/delicious 'non-tailgating' food
- so the mix of the fun and nice, was great.
We named our "sports bar" after him... and lit it up!
"The Filling Station" was the point
in the middle of the party that was designated for the drinks...
Old gas cans, fun motorcycle replicas and tin tubs decorated this table...
It was a focal point, for sure, for the guests to find something to wash away some of their sadness.

I really love this friend and am so happy I had the chance to help out!
Thank you!!

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