Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Bouquet Couture...and Sweet Lapel Pin...

I am FOREVER buying bridal mags...
Martha is the queen of inspiration!
I found this cute idea in her latest Spring issue!
Darling, out-of-the-box!!
I love it!
There's lots of places to get these engraved...
it's totally "in" right now to wear these stamped pieces...
you can go to:
for the charm and make the ribbon bow yourselves...

I have a friend who stamps jewelry who would love to help out some of my brides...
if you're interested, let me know!

I normally don't get too overly involved in the bridal party flowers because I have a two amazing women that I trust my bride's to
{Aspen Renee & Flowers by Ellen}
you can find their information under fave vendors
but, again, thumbing through the pages of Martha
LOOK what I found!
These cuffs are sooooo cute!
I love to wear cuffs...
why not the bouquets, too?!

...and look at this sweet little flower girls bouquet!!
I really love this!
{and the bouquet isn't dead by the end of the night!}

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