Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Out the Box Guest Book Ideas...

There are some very
sweet "older music" songs
from the era of LPs and 45s...
While you'd probably be able to find it on ITunes,
it would be sweet to find a song for your
daddy/daughter dance, mother/son dance and the
b&g first dance that's from an era long gone...
and find the LPs or 45s and have your guestbook be those records!
So sentimental...

A super fun idea...
It's just a regular photo album bought just about anywhere...
w/cute envelopes in your colors or theme.
there's a note card inside for guests to
pull and "sign-in"
...leave advice, or well wishes
just so sweet!

This idea would work with a
garden party theme so nicely!
Stack plates and have your guests sign them...
then use them as decor in your new home
to help you remember your special day.
You can buy special pens that, after use, can be washed.
You could also use them EVERY year
on your anniversary or VALENTINE'S day
for that "special" meal
...helping you remember all the love you had
surrounding you on your "special" day!
This is a favorite idea!!!
There's a few ways that you can do this...

1) you can have the puzzle put together on the sign in table
and then have guests take a piece and sign the back then put the piece in a bowl...
2) you can just have the pieces in a beautiful bowl
and they can sign the back -- then you can put them together later!

I LOVE this idea...
there's a few shops on ETSY that are doing these custom puzzles from inexpensive to a little pricier...you should find one in your price range pretty easily --design your own...use your imagination!

This is another spin on the idea of using
something you can "entertain" with like the plates above.
You could have your guests sign a tablecloth
that you use on anniversaries or special family parties.
Surrounded by words of wisdom and love wishes
and the love of your family and friends to help remind
you how the story started...
is so sweet!

I love the typewriter... it's a popular idea right now.
Classic and adorable.
Put your pages into a book with your pictures...
an heirloom for sure!

This isn't really a "guest book" or sign-in book,
but I love the idea of different things at the
party for your guests to do.
That's why I love the photo station
or candy station -- or some fun drink station.
Having these books on the table w/some pens so that your guests can answer some fun questions that guests may not to think to tell you on their own!

And look at this idea!
You can use this for home decor when you're done, too!
{{Love it!}}
{If you thought this out entirely, you'd use these letters as part of the pictures for your announcements, too!}

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