Saturday, June 11, 2011

Jamie & Joe Arnett - June, 2011

Joe Arnett & Jamie Petersen...
ahhh!  two words:
{{heart happy!}}

Jamie is very simplistic.  That doesn't mean she's plain -
it just means she likes less stuff than me!

She asked me to help w/entry table & a backdrop for her receiving line, but was hoping for
less is more {honestly, I don't even know what that means!} - not too shabby/vintage. 
I'll admit it was hard for me ;)

I probably normally wouldn't feature only the two small parts of the wedding I did, but I loved the layered frames hanging as her backdrop... and I have to show off her wedding pictures on the entry table.  She's gorgeous!

...both of these pictures.
I tried not to be 'too vintage-y'...
I don't know how possible that really is!

But, I adore these layered frames...
two old (k, yes! - those are for sure vintage) columns w/gorgeous flowers.
Quite honestly - I think they're lovely. 
The whole thing was just lovely.

Her tables were simple - white underlays throughout w/a simple pale yellow or gray top and a tall glass vase w/calle lillies and sprigs of curly branches.  I think it all went together nicely.  And, let's face it, the party was at the Wright House in Mesa - you already start with a gorgeous space to begin with!

She served cake, smoothie bar and a candy station!
do you love the frames?
"I Do"

Plus, I don't know if you know the Wright's/Arnett's,
but the party is always about the dancing!
these people know how to shake it on the floor,
and take every opportunity to bring it...this was a fun party!
Congrats to Jamie & Joe!

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