Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Dustin & Michelle ... August, 2011 part 2

the drink was lemonade
{refreshing for an 112* degree AZ afternoon}
and water w/lemon...
but then add the dressed up crock 
& you've got anything but a simple beverage!
one of the linens... I love this 
gray organza w/raised ribbon flowers...
and a new centerpiece!  

These trees are dripping w/bling!
{whoaaa!  can't stop smiling!}
Deep purple taffeta... 
beautiful blinged-out candlesticks!
The third look was a gray taffeta w/some sparkle!
Another bling-y centerpiece vase holding some 
gorgeous purple peonies.

The light danced off of these tables 
when we turned the lights down!

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