Sunday, November 20, 2011

Tierra & Bryson....11/2011 part 3

An overview of the reception...
We put the food table in the middle of the guest tables...
tables surrounding this area were in black & white.
Chinese lanterns dangled above the middle of the food tables.
Underneath them was the freshest fruit of the season!  
yummy... :)
Our menu was perfect for the fall!
Fresh, homemade bread bowls started guests off...
then there was the B&G's favorite soups:
Zuppa Tuscano (Olive Garden's famous recipe) & Creamy Potato
A most delicous Caesar Salad was next, with the fresh last...
Everything was just perfect for the elegant, cool evening!
I love to decorate with pictures of the B&G...
the groom's stepmother is the locally famous, Allison Jones... her photos were gorgeous!

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