Sunday, November 20, 2011

Tierra & Bryson....11/2011 part 2

The night started with a ring ceremony, after the temple ceremony, for those family members who weren't able to be in there.  Immediately following, dinner was served.  

This is the Bride & Groom table...
the only black & white stripe linen/table in the decor... 
it stood out, giving them the full spotlight!  
The colors were black, white (damask) and olive green.
The colors looked awesome together.
The lighting overhead was lovely, and the chinese lanterns sparsely hung on the strands added just enough drama.
Of course, we didn't leave out the chandeliers!  We needed all the lighting we could get, and quite honestly, a reception without a chandelier is under dressed!  

The lit "L.O.V.E." sign in the background was a
huge hit both in drama, and for photo ops!
Tierra was very specific in what she wanted on her tables.
She wanted a straight black cloth w/a beautiful arrangement, including some of the flowers the green color in them... very classic -- very pretty!  To bring in a little more color the black vase sat on a green round doillie.
She also wanted hurricanes on the other tables...
which added more lighting.
I did 5 of the black and 5 of the damask.  I usually do a third look, but she wasn't having any of that...I think she did a fantastic job at giving me her vision...and turned out beautifully!

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