Sunday, December 4, 2011

Aly & Joshua Zahn... December, 2011 part 1

Meet this happy, zany couple!
Aly & Joshua

They're wedding was on a nippy evening the beginning of December...
her colors were teal & lime green.
(I added some black for some flair!)
Not your typical winter wedding colors...
but right up Aly's alley!

This fun couple are as fun as their colors...
I loved decorating for them!
This is them!  
They made life-size cut-outs of them for 
their makeshift photo station... 
each guest was able to take their pix with the cute couple... 
this wedding reception was all about fun!
A family friend helped make these amazing runners 
for their guests to walk in on from the parking area... 
we made a stencil to engrave their initials... 
The lights were perfect for a clear night in the farm country of Gilbert, AZ.  
The center/drink table was black with a white 'n black polka dot skirt.  
It played on the detail of the food table :)
I couldn't help but use the l.o.v.e. sign -- 
I don't get tired of it, and the guests love it!

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