Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Tucker Wedding

Ashlee and Marc (Tucker) Johnson Wedding
Holy cutest couple!!!
These two kids have the biggest personalities,
love life in everyway and
squeeze joy out of every single minute of it.
I don't have any doubts a marriage filled
w/love and laughter is exactly what is in order for them.
There's lots of things that
I LOVED about this reception...
the wedding video that we showed in the entry is a must see:
{I wish all wedding videos were like this!} it is!
Well...I'd say more than just your average 'inspiration' piece...
This beauty hung in the middle of the Anthropologie store
at Scottsdale Fashion Square.
It's absolutely stunning, and...
We NEEDED it at this reception. 
The idea was fun, crazy
with a splash of vintage...
We made that 5' chandelier
(both in diameter and height)
in orange, purely out of recycle items!
It was uh!mazing, to say the least -
and actually pretty affordable! 
What a focal point!
I've got some pretty sweet lights myself,
but sometimes a bride wants a false ceiling.
I've got the BEST lighting guys that I work with...
we hired one of them to put a light canopy up from the
ceiling w/the chandelier in the middle. 
We added the orange & white striped fabric in between
 some of the market street bulbs to add even more drama! 
It was sooo fun!
The picture seriously
DOES NOT do this party justice! 
People lingered well after the party
closing time because it was just that fun!
The bride's mom had these beautiful pictures
(cut into 4 canvas')
of the Mesa LDS temple that she wanted displayed. 
We hung them from vintage doors at angle
so that they eye could see the pictures in their entirety. 
This helped to transform the foyer of the church building.
There was a few fun things for guests at this party!
FIND the gnome. 
Guests were invited to 'find the gnome' inside the reception,
take a pic, instagram it to a wedding
#hashtag that the B&G chose and then hide it again. 
People were looking for this funny creature all over the place
and after all the pictures were printed
from the instagram page, they served as fun thank you's! 
There were several things at the entry that made
this party so personal to the B&G. 
I loved it!
The receiving line area. 
I'm pretty excited about this NEW backdrop!
{A dash of hot pink never hurt anyone!}
Loved all the color...
and the patterns, people were definitely d├ęcor stimulated.
Her cake and drink station.
Her food table was massive!
She had nearly 500 people at this party...
it needed to be!
The Bride's mom took care of the centerpieces...
another shot of a fun color --and the table linens.
I don't usually have all the tables the same let alone all the centerpieces, but...
there was enough going on, we didn't need to add more drama.
Thank you Ashlee & Mark
for letting me share your beautiful day!
It was absolutely my pleasure!

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