Sunday, November 15, 2009

Reidhead Shindig, Holbrook, AZ

I love to dress more than one "look" for the tables that the guests will sit at...this reception had three! It made me smile because we had some very modern looking embossed swirl-ee fabric w/vintage lace trim on a shiny brown underlay; and dainty pink w/silver polka dots on a white underlay and a shiny brown taffeta...the tables looked awesome w/flower centerpieces, sepia photos of the cute couple and a blingy candelabra!

The food table was super cute mixing sturdy dark brown burlap w/pretty pink chiffon and cute brown/pink polka dots...I loved their engagement we had to use them everywhere! The lights below brought the ambiance and a great mood to the party! I use them for everything!

The lights are custom-made. I will rent them out, if anyone's interested. They are capable of lighting up an entire event - they really bring an ambiance that is uncompared - outside or in...I've used them several times in a cultural hall and honestly, they make all the difference in the world!

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