Sunday, March 14, 2010

Baker Reception 3/11/10 - 12 West Main

12 West Main.
I've been dying to decorate here since it first opened!
When Chris called and asked where I thought she should go, I had to refer them to this space.
It used to be the old Strauss's on Main - and it has been a bazillion things personal favorite is what it is now...a reception hall.
There is so much character in this space, you feel good when you're in it.
---and I had a ball decorating it!
{The entry/sign in table}

The linens for the dessert, middle food and dessert tables were a cream taffeta fabric with a raised X pattern...they were dreamy.

a closer look at the entry table...and the cute bride and groom!

...a really, really good thing: you can light these candles up!
It adds to the drama and ambiance of this space!

...a new backdrop - we used it for their receiving line!
This arch is so cute!
{I hung a pink chandelier from it...of course, I did!}

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  1. Hey Michelle! My mom had to show me your blog!! Seriously so cute!! Can you do a reception for me now?!? That wouldn't be weird, would it??


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