Friday, March 5, 2010

Hulen/Johnson linens...

"Aged damask"...I swooned over this fabric!
Bought some, and then went back for more!
I felt like I hit the lottery when I got it.
{The pix don't do it justice!}
and...a HUGE shout out for the WRIGHT HOUSE florist
for reaching into my head & pulling out a wonderful centerpiece
...she's a floral genius!

This table was not what I had in mind when I started... usually three days prior to a party a funny thing always happens to me! I start to have a flood of creative inspiration and I run around like a crazy woman trying to accomplish it - because we all know it won't be perfect unless it's represented! I was working on the computer one night and looked out my window at my awnings and new I needed matching skirts! I think it makes the table, and the theme!

This space is amazing all on its own... but I have to admit {wink! wink} it's even more awesome with fun linens! When we lit it up at night...I didn't want to leave!

All the guest tables were the blue with b/w stripe and the damask...except for the head table, it needed some special attention. We dressed it in pink with a special arrangement. ..which the floral genius designed...did I mention that I love her brain?

one more peek...ahhhh!!

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