Wednesday, June 16, 2010, love, love this idea!

I know I've got myself in a pigeon hole...
I've got my style & I love my style...
I love bling.
I love BIG over-the-top.
I love shabby.
I love this... and this isn't what you're used to seeing on my blog, because I think that brides see what I've done and love that and want what they see.
But, I can do this, too.
Do you love it?
{I love this. too.}

These are my fave flowers... and the pink is pretty. Everything is PRETTY in Pink.

I have these linens... stripes! Well, you should know by now that I am sorta partial to stripes...;)

I love these posts...and I have them. I love the lighting on them...and the simple vines going down them...{you can't see the lovely chandelier in the background...I just might have some of those...or alot of them!}

Hydrangeas...oh! the lovely hydrangeas!

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