Sunday, July 4, 2010

50th Wedding Anniversary party....Gilbert, AZ

Nifty 50s: Rockin' Fifty Years!....

ahhh! such fun!

We brought it all, complete w/poodle skirt,

Elvis, old 45s, and fluffy dice.

I catered this party, and the menu purposely

didn't reflect 50s food: hamburger, french fries, shakes...

but we tried to make it feel

like a diner anyway - I think we pulled it off!
This family spent the day at the lake, they came home & got ready to surprise their mom & dad w/a 50th Anniversary party - the whole family came in for it & dressed up, was so sweet. I have the most awesomest friend who does vinyl {happens to be the person who hired me!}, so we were able to vinyl all sorts of stuff...if you look at all the pictures, I hope there's a good one of the "golden record" she made of them on their wedding day - it's so cute!
The party was for around fifty people and the menu was: six refreshing salads, beef & chicken skewers, fruit=YUM! And the dessert table was darling! {See our diner sign?} We had chocolate cake {raybans & cateyes for the topper!}, ice cream station w/vintage marshmallow toppings, etc., and gourmet jell-o cups w/whipped cream to look like mini-shakes... We made a photo station for pictures that will seal their memories forever. I love to do this! Elvis is the mom's fave - and screams 50s! Of course, he was there! Vintage soda bottles for everyone!

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