Thursday, July 8, 2010

The Dress...

ahhhh, the dress!
There's so many elements to a wedding!
The minute you say "yes", it's all about the RING...and the dress!
The day you get married should be a day you look & feel like you've never looked or felt before...stunning!

There's lots of places that brides go to start the hunt for the "perfect" dress. Obvi: David's Bridal. There's a few locally-owned shops in Mesa...but have you ever thought of:

Me neither! I spend alot {by this, I mean an embarassing amount of time!} in TJ Maxx/Home Goods. I {heart} that store! I find the best stuff! And, I'm going to admit right now, I might have a little map of the valley where I tour all of them on a monthly basis...shut up! I know I'm a little OCD...but in a good way, right? {hee hee hee!} Anyhow, My Sister's Closet is near the one I visit on Alma School just south of Germann...I finally went in! I was more than pleasantly surprised...I was giggly/happy! I had no idea the wonderfulness of this store - really a hidden-gem right here in the Valley! A huge rack of dresses & veils, and upon further investigating, I found out that there are 10 locations across the valley. The one in Chandler is the "bridal" can go to: and view their gowns online. Some are gently used, but you'd never know it... The prices are listed right there. I noticed online some were pricier than what I saw in the store - I know they negotiate.
A "designer" dress for your special day?
Who wouldn't want that?!
{I know alot of you want a modest dress... I have a great seamstress/alterations girl who can help!}
It's certainly worth a look!

ps...holy awesome wedding dresses!
I found another great place for dresses! {woot!}
This is being posted several months after the previous paragraph...but worth the note, for sure!

check out the pix!
This dress retails for $9700...but it's half the price here!

This dress is under $800...

No matter your budget...there's something for everyone!
{don't forget!... I have an amazing alterations girl!}

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