Thursday, July 8, 2010

Swoon-worthy Inspiration Board...

I am forever scouring the web for inspiration
that fits my style of decorating...
and from time to time I hope to post a few of those ideas...
here's one I can't get over!
I can see it perfectly in 12 w. Main.
I love, love, love the umbrellas!
Are you coveting the striped ones?!
{me, too!}

The whole theme is sort of a parisian-circus'y feel. Check out the stripey & flagged straws...OMGosh! I can't get enough of this!

This food table isn't my typical style...
I tend to like to overload the table w/cute stuff
so you're drawn into the drama of it...
simple elegance is nice, too.
The banner behind the food table is amazing.

Who wants to give me a chance to pull this off for them?!
I am dying to bring this one to some sweet B&G's special day!
{swoon-worthy, for sure}

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