Sunday, July 4, 2010

50th Wedding Anniversary 2

Popular colors of the 50s
are pink, mint green, black and white...
we used 45s for tent cards for the food...
You can see the picture in this photo of the cute couple on that LP in the background...she was wearing a darling t-length wedding dress - he's in a white tux and black horn-rimmed glasses - TOTAL 50s...they were so cute! Salads included: tortellini/broccoli 'n bacon, asian slaw, macaroni, antipasta, pear 'n greens, strawberry 'n chicken...they were all delish - and kept for day or so they didn't have to cook for the next meal!

LPs to tent card the meat...balsamic-glazed flank steak, and chicken w/dipping sauces.

Oh, there's a good shot of the couple! Love it!

The dessert table didn't lack any attention!
We used vintage candy, and stuff on the table for candy peanuts- for sure 50s! Pop-its...we had a class ring on a chain, hula hoops, letters for a letterman's jacket, raybans, cat-eye glasses, blow up guitars, white t-shirts, scarfs, high ponytails, 50s!
This was a super fun party for me to do!

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