Friday, September 10, 2010

Cassie & Jeremy 9/10/10 pt 4

The table looks...ahhh, I love them!
Distressed damask...w/black candlebra.
We used black chairs...every other one had a chair cover-
umm, yeah! I fell in love with them, too!

You can't get the full effect of this black table solid black w/specs of shimmer that picks up the light and dances off the table... one of my favorite finds! And then adding the b/w striped ribbon around the edge added just the right amount of pattern!

We only did three red tables, of the 11 that we decorated... so they were quite a statement.
You can't see enough of the runner
to appreciate it's beauty.
{I have got to get a better camera!}
It's a raised flower all over the fabric
- just stunning!
Our chair covers... hand-sewn florets with a
gorgeous rhinestoned-pin
in the middle.
Nothing was overlooked!

Cassie & Jeremy:
TY! for letting me be a part of your a awesome day!
{it was my pleasure!}

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