Sunday, November 7, 2010

80th Birthday Bash...Mesa, AZ

This party was for the sweetest little girlie turning "80" that I've ever met! She loves, loves, loves purple! Her menu was we mixed the two!

Two table looks: one purple taffeta linen on white {above} and one white burlap linen w/a lovely white ruffle. I added the zebra flower for this sassy lady! And... some yo-yo flowers in purple flanked by some elegant blinged out brooches to carry out the theme! Paper towels and wet naps in cute tin pails finished the table off! I loved the contrast!

Here's her food table!

This darling girlie's family planned a party to remember!

They displayed pictures of her through the years, but also did a video presentation of memories and family stories...and her son wrote & sang her the sweetest song!

What an amazing night it turned out to be!

More purple linens...;)
This little black table held the watermelon & drinks...

I am crazy over the LOVE sign in the back!
For sure, the decorating sets the mood for a great party...

but the people you surround yourself with makes it memorable! xoxo- m

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